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Jet Card Puts You In Control

The pinnacle of private jet travel, enabling you to fly like owners with the assurance of guaranteed availability.


A Novel Fractional Experience

Fractional gives owners the regularity and dependability of a sizable owned and operated aircraft.


A Wide Variety Of Aircraft

Global Jet offers a wide variety of aircraft for private jet charter, with amenity solutions for personal or corporate travel.


Take comfort in your journey

With on-demand flights that meet a variety of unique travel demands, Global Jets is reinventing charter.

Leave It To Us

A Better Way To Fly

Global Jet specializes in on-demand, full-service charter air travel to anywhere in the world as well as premier-level aircraft management and brokerage services.

Jet Card

A diverse selection of Light, Mid, and Heavy aircraft is always available to our Jet Card Members.


While enjoying the regularity and dependability of our aircraft, fractional owners have complete control over their flying without the burden of traditional ownership.


We provide an exclusive and cutting-edge ownership and leaseback scheme to qualified aircraft owners and buyers.


We provide clients with adaptable, top-notch charter services with on-demand flights that cater to specific travel demands.
Our Aircraft

Our Increasing Number of Aircraft Can Meet Any Travel Needs

Global Jet, one of the biggest operators in the country, has assembled a diverse selection of wifi-enabled Light, Mid, and Heavy jets.

Peace Of Mind

Your Safety is Our Number One Priority

We are among the most prestigious operators, with the highest safety ratings and the highest-caliber pilots in the business. Our Members and visitors feel safe traveling with Global Jet.

Global Jet Gets You There in Total Comfort and Peace-of-mind.

Whatever your air travel need—whether you’re flying for business or pleasure—book your private charter experience with Global Jet today and leave the rest to us!

Commited To Excellence

Argus International Platinum Rating, WYVERN Wingman Certified, IS-BAO Stage-1 Registered Charter Operator.

Accomplished & Experienced

With more than two decades in operation, we specialize in on-demand, full-service charter air travel anywhere in the world.

High Standards

We’re committed to the safety and health of our clientele and our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards.

Aura BrooksDesigner

You are guaranteed quality with Global Jet aircrafts. They are in charge of the entire experience, and it is well executed.

Eve CrawfordCEO

At 40,000 feet, a lot of important decisions get made. A mobile sky office serves as more than just transportation on the majority of flights.

Jack GrahamCo-Founder

Traveling can be difficult at times. Global Jet greatly simplifies life by eliminating any challenging circumstances.

Josephine GarlandOwner

It's the little areas that a private plane can reach. It can save days to take a direct flight from our airport to anywhere you want to travel. There are a ton of choices.

Stephen GarfieldLawyer

Global Jet surpassed our expectations The planning of the flight was seamless and extremely professional. We will unquestionably endorse their services.