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Aircraft Management Services and Sales Support

Global Jet’s decades of growth, and our long-standing commitment to the highest levels of service and safety, have made us uniquely suited to serve the needs of the private aviation community.

Global Jet provides industry-best aircraft management services for individual owners and corporate fleets, with local ground support backed by a nationwide infrastructure.

Our experienced team can assist you with any aspect of aircraft ownership, such as…

  • Introducing private aviation into your corporate travel portfolio
  • Switching membership providers
  • Upgrading from charter
  • Evaluating fractional ownership alternatives
  • Supplementing your in-house fleet
  • And more.

Full-Service Aircraft Management

Global Jet delivers benefits that few other aircraft management companies can provide, including…


  • Hassle-free maintenance and storage services
  • Highest safety standards in the industry
  • Cost-effective pricing for fuel, parts, and inspections
  • Built-in revenue generation
  • Exclusive client benefits
  • Long-term stability
  • Private bases nationwide

We’re Your Flight Operations Department

The Global Jet team ensures that your aircraft is fully maintained, ready to fly, and fueled when needed—day or night. We handle all the details for you…

  • Flight planning and operations
  • Permitting and Customs clearance
  • Fueling and landing fees
  • Pilot and flight crew training
  • Crew scheduling

In addition, we research the best fuel and parts providers, and negotiate competitive prices with major vendors to bring you the most cost-effective aircraft management solutions in the industry.

Fly in High Style with Global Jet

Global Jet’s concierge department can manage all your travel arrangements for you, including…

  • Baggage handling
  • Gourmet catering
  • Cocktail service
  • Ground transportation or limousine rental
  • Luxury resort accommodations
  • And much more…

With Global Jet, the sky is just the beginning.

Let Your Aircraft Earn Revenue While You’re Not Using it

Instead of paying a lot of money to simply store your jet asset when you’re not using it, consider leasing it out for private charter flights.

Global Jet can offer your idle aircraft as part of our private jet charter services. In return, you earn additional revenues to help offset ownership costs whenever we book a flight using your aircraft.

Clientele are vetted Global Jet customers, and your aircraft will be in professional hands with our seasoned aircraft management team and flight crew at ALL times.

Aircraft Sales

Global Jet offers aircraft brokerage services to owners looking to buy or sell previously-owned aircraft. Click to view more details about the aircraft.

Contact Global Jet

Want to know more about Global Jet’s aircraft management services? Interested in leasing out your idle aircraft for charter flights? Looking to buy or sell an aircraft? We want to know. Contact us today to speak to a Global Jet team member.

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