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Fractional Ownership

Changing the Game

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A Better Way To Fly

Global Jet specializes in on-demand, full-service charter air travel to anywhere in the world as well as premier-level aircraft management and brokerage services.

Fractional Share

Fractional shares beginning at 50 hours per year on our aircraft.


No monthly management fees, no blackout dates, or minimal peak days.

Immediate Access

Fly now with full access to our aircraft for any type of trip.

Fractional Share

Fractional Owners benefit from a seamless ownership and private jet travel experience under this program and acquire the corresponding number of hours, or shares, in the aircraft.

Access with Lower Capital Than Full Ownership

Access to the same aircraft type, potential tax benefits, and a reliable experience built upon our reputation is provided through your Fractional Share.

Consistency, flexibility, and expanded access

You can access our aircraft through preferred Fractional pricing and it is waiting for you.

Without Monthly Management Fee

Only pay for the aircraft when you need access, rather than paying the provider a monthly charge, to put more of your capital to work for you.

Zero Positioning Fees or Daily Minimums

With sufficient notice, your Fractional Share has no repositioning fees, just like our extremely popular Jet Card. Enjoy our Daily and Hourly Rate’s simplicity, which offers both access and affordability. You are in control, your rates can be lower the more often you operate your airplane during a day.

Let us take care of the details.

Unlike complete traditional jet ownership, our fractional program gives you the peace of mind to focus solely on planning your trip without having to worry about crew hiring, training, insurance, or other operational or regulatory issues. Your protection and satisfaction are our top concerns while we are here.

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