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Global Jet offers a wide variety of aircraft for private jet charter, with amenity solutions for personal or corporate travel. From short-range light planes to mid-sized, mid-range aircraft, all the way up to long- and ultra-long-range heavy jets, we can deliver the right flight for any trip, anywhere in the world.

Our Aircraft

Light Jets

Typically capable of flying 1,500 miles non-stop, light jets are the perfect choice for short flights in the 3–4 hour range. Light jets comfortably seat 6–7 passengers and up to 8 at maximum capacity.

Baggage space may be limited in some models (so be sure to ask before bringing skis or golf bags), but with fewer than (7) passengers and minimal luggage, a light jet can get the job done.

COST: $2,200 to $3,200 per hour (not including fuel, fees and taxes)

Our Aircraft

Midsized Jets

With greater range and a roomier interior than light jets, mid-size jets are great options for family trips and small group outings. Mid-size jets comfortably seat (7) passengers and sometimes up to (9) at maximum capacity.

Mid-size jets also offer additional layout options including spacious divans, and expanded galley and bathroom.

COST: $2,800 to $3,800 per hour for most models (not including fuel, fees and taxes)

Our Aircraft

Heavy Jets

The largest and most luxurious of aircraft readily available in the charter market, heavy jets offer unparalleled comfort and space for the private air traveler. Ranges for some of the newest heavy jets exceed 12 hours of continuous flight time, making these planes magnificent tools for multinational corporations and the global elite flyer.

Amenities and options for this class are nearly limitless, and with major names in the aviation industry like Bombardier, Gulfstream, and Dassault manufacturing these aircraft, heavy jets are simply the best of the best.