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Buyers & Owners

Simplified Aircraft


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A Cutting Edge Platform

Unique Ownership & Leaseback

For buyers and owners of aircraft, Global Jet offers an incredibly unique ownership and leaseback program. The cutting-edge platform will fully cashflow the aircraft, relieving the owner of typical constraints such as managing the fluctuation of maintenance costs, fixed costs, and uneven income offsets supplied by alternative lease and management choices.

We Provide

Acquisition of Aircraft

A selection of airplanes is offered by Global Jet and is prepared for sale and leaseback.

24/hr Peace Of Mind

The Service You Deserve

Partners benefit from the assistance of a specialized division to make booking your flight as simple as making one phone call. Your main point of contact will be familiar with your specific preferences.

Are You

An Existing Owner?

Your aircraft will have an useful and dependable home thanks to our customized programs. You will receive a fixed monthly lease payment for your aircraft through our Aircraft Partnership Lease, as well as ongoing access to the aircraft for your flight requirements.