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About Global Jet

High Quality Services in the Sky…

Global Jet is an industry-leading private charter flight agency. We offer superior private charter services anywhere in the world, plus full concierge amenities to our passenger clientele.

Global Jet maintains a partner fleet of fully-staffed, short-, mid-, and long-range aircraft—even ultra-long-range jets—available for private charter. We can cater to our clientele’s every travel need, and our premium Aero-Club Card program offers added perks and discounts to make any trip easy and rewarding.

…and on the Ground

For aircraft owners, Global Jet can serve as your flight operations center, providing you with a full range of premier aircraft management services, including:

  • Aircraft readiness and maintenance
  • Flight planning and permitting
  • Discounted fuel
  • Pilot and flight crew training
  • Crew scheduling

We even offer brokerage services for owners looking to buy or sell previously-owned aircraft.

Why Choose Global Jet?

There are many charter flight providers out there, but it takes real experience and expertise to get all the details right. Global Jet is dedicated to ensuring the safety, comfort, and health of all our passengers, and that uncompromising commitment is guides everything we do.


Global Jet’s safety standards are recognized by the aviation industry’s top safety organizations.

  • Argus International Platinum Rating
  • WYVERN Wingman Certification
  • IS-BAO Stage-1 Registered Charter Operator

Every Global Jet charter flight follows a comprehensive series of pre- and post-flight service and safety protocols to ensure that the aircraft and crew are ready to fly.


We treat every passenger’s needs as a priority. From the cleanliness and condition of our quality aircraft to the ease of travel and excellent service we provide, the entire Global Jet team strives to give our clientele the optimal experience in private air travel.

Global Jet’s premium Aero-Club Card program enhances our already-generous comfort levels, with great promotions, discounted flight rates, express check-in, and other amenities for frequent charter flight travelers.


Cleanliness and sanitary conditions are always important to the Global Jet family, but in the face of the Covid pandemic, we have implemented additional health protocols with regards to our flights, our staff, and our passengers.

We follow the full guidance and recommendations of both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Interested in Partnering with Global Jet?

We work with independent charter brokers around the world who rely on Global Jet for charter flight resources and aircraft services, as well as for back-end administrative flight services to support their charter business.

There are many advantages to joining the Global Jet Affiliate Network. Get in touch with us and see for yourself.

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